Becoming More Environmentally-Friendly in Africa

Being environmentally friendly and doing what you can to limit waste is important not just in highly developed countries but also in other parts of the world, such as Africa. People in these countries are also beginning to be more aware of the potential benefits of being more environmentally friendly.

Water Conservation and Recycling

Some of the important eco-friendly Africa initiatives include those that deal with water conservation and recycling. This is especially useful because many countries in Africa already suffer from drought and water shortages. Initiatives that focus on using less water, such as catching rainwater, using drip irrigation, installing gray water systems to reuse some types of water, and planting crops that don’t require a lot of water to grow can all help.

Better Product Packaging

Many international companies are taking steps to make their packaging more easily recyclable or use fewer resources. Some create packaging at least partly out of recycled materials, while others help by limiting the packaging as much as possible. This could mean not packaging boxed items in other boxes for shipping, creating cans and bottles that weigh less, and not using materials in packaging that aren’t recyclable. It’s also important to include information on the package regarding the proper way to recycle it after use.

Solar Power

One thing that’s common in many parts of Africa is plenty of sun, so taking advantage of this through the use of solar power is a great way to be more environmentally friendly. Some companies have developed products for use in developing countries that run on solar power. These are useful even in areas where electricity isn’t readily available to everyone or reliable. Solar energy is a renewable resource, unlike the fossil fuels used to run many electric power plants. Those who have a little money to invest can purchase solar water heating systems to help minimize electricity use and expenses. Another option is to purchase a solar power generator, many of which can be portable, for use in supplying electricity to a home. These do tend to be larger and more expensive than some other types of generators, but they’re better for the environment and quieter to run.