Deciding Which Conference to Attend

Every industry has a plethora of seminars, workshops, and conferences offered throughout the year. Some are mandatory for training, certifications, and renewals. These are primarily for entry level and direct care supervisors. Most are offered locally and last a full day. The only decision required is to determine which staff to send.

Regional Conferences

This type of learning and networking experience will last for two to three days and include several sessions and group workshops once the keynote speaker has finished the morning address. The format also involves a variety of vendors presenting the latest products, services, and software. The location is typically a large hotel to accommodate those traveling to the conference. Discounted rates, transportation to area attractions during the evenings, and some scheduled activities will also be available.

These can be quite informative, or not. Quality, organization, and structure vary depending on the company in charge of developing sessions and booking speakers. Ask colleagues if they have been to a conference and if it was worth the time and expense. Many provide the same material in slightly different manners. Review the information carefully before registering for any conference.

Conferences Intended for a National Audience

There will be fewer of this type each year. The length is three to five days because the focus is explored in depth. Speakers are of national acclaim, all aspects of the topic are addressed, and the presentations are geared for supervisors, professionals, and executives. In addition to learning about new trends, innovations, and industry breakthroughs, attendees learn how to apply the information to their companies. Some attendees arrive year after year due to the quality and relevance of information provided.

The descriptions of sessions, speakers, and outcomes are provided in brochures and on the website. It is a wise idea to visit the official website of a conference because it will contain information regarding satisfaction ratings from previous years. It will also indicate who should attend the conference and why. This is most helpful when trying to decide which conference to attend. An excellent example is the site for the Healthcare Analytics Summit, which is located at