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The realities about Diaper Genie and the thinking it brings to the baby

Many mothers think that their babies are too innocent that they do not even think. In like 2-5 years, most babies will earn a lot of new things. The infants have the ability to reason which is one of the greatest research that the science persons carried out. Also a study by Berkeley proved that around six months, most babies would start reasoning probabilities out. Thus, they are in apposition to know the chances of something happening and why. Although reasoning probability is a hard task, Berkeley thinks that babies have the ability to do that. That was in the past thought to be too much for a baby though. No clear evidence proves what the babies think through a diaper change.

The number one sign that parents realize is that each time they are changing their loved ones, they always smile. If you do that to your baby, then just know you are a Diaper Genie. This is because mum removes all the wetness from the bum of the baby magically. The infants are just like adults, and they can understand what they are needed to do. That is why they can tell when their parents like them and when they are not appreciated. Therefore, any smile or play coming from you is a signal to the baby that you appreciate him/her and that you are proud of having her.

It makes no good impressions to your innocent one when you are not happy when changing that wet diaper to your child, but he/she thinks you are angry. As a mother that should not be coming from you. The baby has not offended you in no way so that you can treat him/her heartlessly. There is no single thing you do to the baby without its knowledge. Every facial look at you baby is very important because you never know what he/she will think of you.

All that is required from you is good treatment towards the infant so that his/her future becomes the best. The baby might think that all he/she does is produce gross and stinky stuff all the time. That might affect their personality in future. In most cases, such infants would believe that there is something not normal about them. It is the happiness of all mothers that their babies are happy. All the parents who had such an articles will value the reactions of their kids for what they do to them whenever they are changing the diapers. Responsible mother will be kind to her baby so that he/she grows to be thankful to them all the time. There is no other way to appreciate that infant you have than ensuring it remains as comfortable as you would also like to be. Playing is the most convenient way to impress your baby.